Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ho . . . Ho . . . Ho!

A friend emailed the other day about a project I'd just started and as a side note asked why I hadn't geocached in a long time. It then dawned on me that this blog has been sitting idle during my inactivity and that I should at least jump on here to update those who do on occassion read it.

We live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which some know, and others don't, is a series of islands out in the Atlantic Ocean. Being surrounded by water means we have fish. In fact, the OBX is a saltwater fishing Mecca. When our weather, and water, warms everything gets placed on the back burner and fishing takes precedence. My days are spent on Nags Head Pier, and it's there I stay until it closes on Thanksgiving weekend.

Also, if you look at the geocaches that are located around me you'll find that they are few and far between. Those that were here I'd already found. In the months I haven't cached a few more have popped up and it's nearly time to begin to track them down.

AND, while I'm here, have a Happy Holiday and please travel safely.


  1. What? geocaching on the back burner!!?!? I'm shock to hear such a thing!

    Hehe, glad you enjoyed your fishing season though. Good luck on getting those smileys!