Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Three cache finds may seem to be rather insignificant to most, but it was a great afternoon of caching. First: it was fun to be out with the two girls in my life on a perfect Outer Banks day. Second: one of the two caches was an Earthcache.

Mind you geocaching means something different to different cachers. Some cachers seek out the most difficult of caches, while others may search out P&Gs. Some cachers chase down FTFs, while others like the thrill of logging big numbers.

I, for one, got back into geocaching because it was something our middle grandson wanted to try. We'd originally attempted it in the early years of  geocaching, but never really got into it. Then a little over a year ago we tried it once again. Our grandson loved it and it was off to the races. Every find was a thrill. We were actually stumped when we first encountered our first "skirt" hide and had ear to ear smiles when we finally figured it out.

Now, just a handful of months later, what we once found exciting now tends to bore us to no end. We can spot a "skirt" hide before we turn into a parking lot. We just hate it when we pop the lid of a 35mm canister and find yet another soggy log. FTFs come and go.

So, for me, an Eathcache is an opportunity to seek out one of the still exciting aspects of geocaching. It's a chance to actually learn something while participating in a pastime I enjoy.

Communities of Currituck Banks
Big Chair
Surprise, Surprise


  1. we thought the skirt hide was awesome the first time we encountered it too ;-)

  2. WE have really enjoyed the earthcaches that we have found and look forward to more :)